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Gastroenterologist in dubai

Gallstones come in different forms and the treatment depends on the individual’s overall health, their personal preferences and the opinion of their doctor. For few patients, the only cure is a surgery and for others, they are able to flush out the stones from their body through dietary changes(well-balanced low-fat diet) suggested by the Best gastroenterologist in Dubai.

We all know that prevention is better than cure and this saying perfectly suits here. You should always talk to your endocrinologist in Dubai for different options that are available for you.

Generally, removing the gallbladder is the best option for avoiding future complications with gallstones. It is not necessary for the gallbladder to be removed unless your Gastroenterologist suggests it.

Gastroenterologist in dubai

Gastroenterologist in dubai

There are two surgical strategies – The first procedure and the one that is normally used is called as a laparoscopy. This is when a small video camera is inserted into the abdominal area. This enables the surgeon to view the interior of your body and remove your gallbladder without damaging other internal organs.

You will have to spend one to two nights at the hospital after this surgery because it is not considered to be an invasive surgery.

The other surgical operation that’s less commonly utilized is called an open procedure. This is when your surgeon makes one cut made in your gut and the gallbladder is removed from the incision.

This strategy is considered invasive and requires a longer recovery time. Generally, your surgeon will not allow you to resume regular activities for 6-8 weeks after this surgery.

Digestive enzymes are essential for those who have had their gallbladder removed.Your gastroenterologist will prescribe you to take some vitamins and bile salts(digestive enzymes) because fats and oils are not properly digestive and absorbed in the individuals those who have had their gallbladder removed.

If you’re looking for some dietary modifications for your gallstones you should speak with your gastroenterologist in Dubai first. He or she can assist you with some dietary changes that will meet you at nutritional needs as well as keep your gallstones bay.