Required Qualifications of a Web DesignerMay 11, 2016May 11, 2016Audio Visual

Web designing has everything to do with the production and maintenance of websites. To the outside world, web designing deals with the design process that connects with the front-end set-up of a website. To the web designing world, it covers many sections like the interface design, web graphic design, and much more. A perfectly designed site ensures that a visitor feels at home with the user-friendly interface and arrangement of data. Due to the increase in high-end businesses in Dubai, more websites have begun to come up and so have website design companies. Let us look at some of the qualifications of a web designer that website development companies looks for:

1. Educational qualification

The basic educational qualification a web designer will need is a Bachelor’s degree in a course related to computer science. This can be any course that provides you with a basic idea of program languages like HTML, PHP or ASP. A Bachelor’s degree in Web Design will be a boon. You can also become a web designer after 12th grade and a degree, along with a diploma in web designing.

2. Programming

A web designer should be adept in programming since it is the language of web design. The most common programming languages are HTML, ASP and PHP. For effective work, the knowledge of SQL, JavaScript, IDEs, Linux Command Lines, etc., is quite crucial.

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3. Polished design skills

Web designers need to be experienced in graphic designing. Graphic designing plays an important role in how the website appears on personal computer screens and even on the smaller screens of smart phones. It makes the site easier to access and navigate through. Web designers, for this purpose, should know how to utilize web designing software like Dreamweaver Adobe Photoshop, and Web Studio 5.0.

4. Development Skills

Good development skills are an added advantage for web designers. Some website design companies in Dubai may require web designers who will also know how to develop web content and code their designs. This skill will require a good understanding of the HTML, CSS and PHP techniques. Moreover, Flash and JavaScript will be needed if the web designer wants to develop content in the animation and business field.

5. Excellent SEO skills

Search Engine Optimization is a process by which a content can get traffic through tactically chosen keywords. A good web designer has to be familiar with search engine optimization techniques to ensure that his/her site will attract a large number of visitors. For this, their content should be linked to popular search terms.

Finally, keep it real and fresh. New ideas are always good and makes the field more competitive. Make sure you have the above-mentioned qualifications so that you can land a job in a good website design company in Dubai.