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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Obesity has become a great issue and that too at a very large scale. It not only threatens one’s personality but also affects his or her health adversely. Body build-up of an individual plays a great role in defining his or her personality. It is the first thing that most of the people notice in any one’s personality. Nowadays, obesity offers the main challenge to any one’s body build-up as well as health. The environment, the food that we consume, the kind of workplace we own, our lifestyle and almost everything attracts obesity to us.

Obesity, being one of the greatest issues at present, needs to own some very effective solutions. There are multiple solutions available for treating obesity some of which are long-term while others provide fast results comparatively. People suffering from obesity can choose any of the available solutions depending upon his or her needs and other factors like financial status, health etc.

One of the most heavily used solutions by obese people to get rid of their obesity is the cheap Gastric Sleeve surgery. This is a surgical solution to the shed off the extra fat from your body making you fit and healthy. It is also known by the name of ‘sleeve gastrectomy’ and does not require much post-surgery maintenance.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery – From Surgeon’s point of view

In case of gastric sleeve surgery surgeon removes a large portion of the patient’s stomach out of his or her body. The remaining portion of the stomach is formed into a Banana like tube shape connecting the esophagus to small intestine. Because of reduced stomach size, the quantity of food that it can store also reduces and hence helps in weight reduction.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Benefits of Gastric Sleeve Surgery over other surgical weight-loss procedures

There are different kinds of surgeries available for weight loss all around the globe but people throughout the world find Gastric Sleeve Surgery quite impressive over all other methods and most of the obese populations go for this surgical solution only to get rid of their obesity.Some of the known benefits of this surgical process over others are as follows –

  •         Gastric Sleeve Surgery is quite economic as compared to other weight-loss surgeries.
  •         Post-surgical maintenance and complications are much lesser when compared to other weight-loss surgeries.
  •         This surgery provides better and long lasting results and that too within a small interval of time.
  •         This surgery is quite safe from health point of view as it does not make any rearrangements in your digestive tract as other weight-loss surgeries involve. Moreover, this surgery does not implant any foreign body into the patient’s body.

The Recovery Process

Gastric Sleeve surgery is a straightforward procedure and surgeons do not take long to perform it. However recovery period can vary from one individual to other individual. For some, this period can be more painful but for most of the patients it is not that bad. This surgery involves 2 to 3 days of hospitalization and after this period patient can recover well at home provided he or she follows the guidelines laid by his or her surgeon.