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Pictures and photographs are redolent of different kinds of emotions and moods and subtle shades of personality. The very importance of photographs lies in the fact that even by looking at 10 year old pictures you can instantly become nostalgic and remember all the things happening at that time when that picture was taken. However it is a very difficult task to capture these emotions in a photograph because for each and every emotion the mode used has to be different as any conflict in emotions and modes will not allow the picture to have that timeless effect. A mode basically encompasses the different settings like the shutter speed, ISO etc that enable you to change the exposure level. Some of the most effective emotion-mode combinations are:

  • Manual mode and a timeless panorama

Manual mode is a very common mode that is widely used by photographer in Dubai , New York and the rest of the world. As the name suggests in this mode the aperture and also the shutter speed are to be manually selected at any desired value. This mode is very effective when the camera is not able to set the right aperture and shutter speed for itself especially when the lighting is rather extreme. Manual mode is very helpful when you are trying to make a panorama of multiple images of similar kind to show one type of emotion like happiness or nostalgia or missing someone etc.

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  • Program Mode and those parties

Contrary to the manual mode, in the program mode you need not change or care about the settings of aperture or shutter speed. This is because based on the lighting, the camera automatically adjusts these settings. So if you are out partying with your friends in nightclub or hanging out at the coffee shop or exploring some city you need not spoil the crazy and joyous mood by telling your friends to pose and then changing the settings because the camera will take care of it for you and your photographs will also look more natural.

  • Aperture- priority mode and the perfect portrait

As the name suggest in aperture priority mode the photographer merely needs to set the aperture of the lens and based on the settings of the aperture and the lighting the appropriate shutter speed is automatically selected by the camera. So in a dark area the shutter speed will decrease and in a bright area it will increase. This mode allows you to take the perfect portrait of some loved one and keep it with your forever.

  • Shutter-priority mode and the frozen time

In the shutter priority mode the photographer has to set the shutter speed whilst based on the shutter speed and the light exposure the optimum setting for the aperture is done automatically by the camera. These are perfect for taking frozen images in case you want to blur these intentionally and let the viewer’s imagination work its way.

Thus,  with the help of the camera modes you can capture different kinds of emotions that you and people around you display. Even though in this list the combinations of different modes and emotions are mentioned do not hesitate to experiment as who knows what new combination you might come up with!!!