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When you are going on a long road trip and experience smoke coming out of the car’s hood. This is due to an overheated car engine, to confirm you can check the temperature gauge fluctuating. Here we discuss some of the common causes of an overheated car battery in Dubai.

Reduced level of coolant

Coolant (also called antifreeze) is used in the engines to maintain the working condition of the battery. It is a mixture of water and ethylene in equal portions. It increases the freezing point of the water-based liquids colder and increases their boiling points.

Reduction in the coolant level could be because of leaks which allow the antifreeze to flow into the engine.  Another problem could be due to leaks, clogs due to improper maintenance

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Reduced air from the radiator

The radiator fan is located in front or back side of the radiator. This blows air over the radiator fins to control the temperature of the coolant. If the fan becomes loose or broken or spins freely when the engine is off, it causes the overheating of engine.

Thermostat problems

The main function of the thermostat is to monitor the temperature of the engine and it opens once and it gets too hot. It is a heat sensitive and opens automatically and shuts down in according to the temperature of the engine. And if the thermostat experiences some problem, the car engine gets overheated.

Others are water pumping problem and belt or chain problem. But if you have a proper knowledge of overheating of a car engine, you can get it repaired correctly.