If you want to keep your families secure, it is important to keep an eye on your neighbors, but locks, alarming systems, and dogs are not enough to protect yourself in Dubai. You may have a neighborhood watch in the form of an old man walking around with walkie-talkies and a flashlight. The neighborhood watch can be an outer layer of security for your home, and you can get high-tech security for your neighborhood in Dubai.

The firewalls, wireless codes, and anti-virus can’t be enough for you because these may not protect your stuff from a bad guy coming to your house. There are some outskirts security concepts, CCTV Dubai and network surveillance that may be helpful for a high-tech neighborhood watch in Dubai.

Use Google Maps

The Google Maps are often used by criminals to check a location before the robbery. They use a street view to create pulling up the front of the house. They check the location, height of the house, fences, and gates, etc. You can use satellite view of the Google Maps to check the fences and location of your neighbors. It will help you to check either the house of your neighbor has fences that can be the reason of any damage. You can take the advantage of Google Maps to find out the areas that need more protection.

Use Social Media

Social media is an excellent way to share information with your neighbor. A neighborhood watch group on the Facebook and set it to private for only limited people. It is a good idea to restrict the access to avoid the access of the bad guys to your group. It is an important security measure for the neighborhood watch. The Home Elephant is important to use with the Facebook because you can join it easily and create an online neighborhood watch. It is free and you can use it with iPhone and iPad to quickly upload pictures of the happenings. You can encourage your team members to use this software.checkout latest news at http://www.cnet.com/news/cnet-vault-oj-simpson-murder-computer-simulation/

Setup IP Cameras for 24/7 Recording

A security guard can be hired to patrol your property, but it will be good to take the help of Audio Visual companies in Dubai. You can buy CCTV Dubai and IP cameras for 24/7 surveillance. It will help you to record every happening in the field. The weatherproof cameras are quite cheap and easy to setup. You can install cameras on the entry and exit points and cross the street. Make sure to restrict the access of camera to unauthorized people. The streaming of the camera can be viewed via web browsers. The DVR software is good to play the recording of multiple cameras. There are various IP cameras containing SD memory card to offer backup of the footage.

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Get the Help of Local Law Enforcement

The local law enforcement will help you to protect your neighbors; therefore, it will be good to invite them to watch meetings. You can provide access to the social media neighborhood groups and surveillance cameras. It will be good to get the email address and the number of police officer patrol in your area. You can send the pictures or locations of the suspicious areas to the police officer. The Access control system Dubai can be helpful for you.get latest updates at http://www.techhive.com/article/2910504/neighborhood-watch-program-to-add-wireless-security-cams-to-its-wetware-network.html