The color blue is now the most used color by interior designers. Office Interior design in Dubai are making use of different shades of blue to show off their creativity and guess what? People are just loving it. why not? The color is suitable almost everywhere and that is what makes it so desirable.

Here are some ways in which the color is used to make the interiors stand out:

Go classy with a combination of white and blue

A beautifully designed room with white and blue is elegant and classy. You can make a great relaxation space out of your living room with a clean and aesthetic combination of blue and white. You can paint the room in white and add blue furniture. This will give a highlighted effect to the space. You can also go for designer walls in white and blue combination.

Office interior design Dubai

Office interior design Dubai

Blue for the bathroom

Dark shades of blue are now in trend. You can make a rich statement by going for an all blue bathroom, i.e., blue tiles, blue walls and curtains, tools in blue color, etc. all this together will make the room look great. You can also make it look wonderful by adding dual-shaded interiors.

Light blue for a royal bedroom

Light blue is the color of royalty, and it exudes mild, mood lightening vibes. It is the perfect color choice for a bedroom as it gives a peaceful overall feel. You can add some lacy curtains, pillows, a lounge chair and other furniture, which is done in delicate light blue. This will create an aura that is required for proper relaxation and rejuvenation, so you wake up feeling refreshed.

Blues for the kitchen!

What better way to get rid of your cooking blues? Yes we are talking about a wonderful blue ambience that will make your kitchen a cheerful place. You can create a marvelous interior by going for cream wardrobes highlighted by blue colored tiles. Together, the look is classic.  You can also reverse the combination and maintain the same elegance.

Interiors R us is the leading interior design companies in Dubai and they offer great ideas using different color themes.