There are very strict laws in Dubai. Only a qualified lawyer can help you out of the situations. The laws are categorized based on the problem area like family law, business law, animal welfare law, criminal law etc.

Considering the stringent laws and zero tolerance in Dubai, lawyers have a very important responsibility of safeguarding those who haven’t gone against the law.  They have to protect innocents while seeing to it that wrongdoers are punished.

While there are top notch legal services in Dubai, there are a few facts that both nationals as well as expats should know! Knowing these facts will make it easy to live and abide by the rules in the UAE.

  1. There’s 0% crime here: Considering the stringent Muslim laws in the UAE, there is zero crime rate. Even the law enforcement bodies like police, keep a close watch on the nationals and instantly catch criminals.
  2. Zero tolerance for debt: Yes! That’s true. The Dubai law is completely against the concept of its people incurring debt. A person who falls into default and fails to pay them will be jailed or even deported.
  3. There’s no standard address system: Considering the fast growth of Dubai, there is no standard address system in place here. Instead of address line, there is a mailing label. One can send mails based on this label.
  4. Dubai is fast growing: Considering the fast growth of the city, the law is continuously evolving and keeps getting upgraded. The city is currently building another city within it and this talks about its fast growth. In a similar fashion, the law too is very big.

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