If you are thinking about Dubai car insurance company, then information like the car’s model, make, engine, chassis number etc. should be known to you before applying. There are various insurance companies in Dubai that offer car insurance policies of different kinds. An online research can provide you with comprehensive information on the car insurances that you can opt for according to your requirements as well as budget. Here we shall be taking a look at the different motor insurance policies and the things they cover.

Typically there are 2 types of motor insurance cover available. These include Comprehensive cover and Third Party Liability cover. Let us discuss each below:

motor insurance in dubai

motor insurance in dubai

Ø  Comprehensive cover:  this plan provides a complete protection even if your motor has met an accident, without considering whose fault it was. It also covers various other things which includes the following

  •         Personal accident, injury and passenger cover: in this cover you along with the passengers are covered in case of any injury during the accident of your insured vehicle.  This can be an additional cover along with the basic medical cover.           
  •         Agency repair cover:  this kind of cover is available on the new car models and you can get coverage within 5 years or if the car is about 3 years old.
  •         Off road and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) cover: in case you will be driving off the road or intend to drive in the desert, then you must make sure that it is also covered by your car insurance.
  •         Extra benefits: In case your insured car is being repaired, you can get a replacement car only if covered. This is an optional cover in such a policy.

Ø  Third Party Liability covers: this type of policy covers the other vehicle that is damaged because of you. However, this will not be covering any damage caused to your own vehicle because of the accident.

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