Mouth guards are coverings which are worn over teeth and are used to protect teeth from injuries. Mouth guards cover only the upper teeth. If a person grinds teeth at night, then a special kind of mouth guard appliance called bite splint is created to prevent tooth damage.Used by athletes of all ages, mouth guards help protect against broken teeth and tooth loss. Visit Dr. Anand Shenoy at Dr. Ananad shenoy dental clinic for the perfect guidance about the mouthguard.


  • Stock Mouth Guards

They can be purchased from any drug store, and they are pre-formed and ready to wear. They are inexpensive with worst fitting and they are least comfortable. They are bulky and provide little protection. However, dentist do not recommend their use.



  • Boil and Bite Mouth Protectors

They can be either a shell liner or a boil and bite kind. The first type is lined with an acrylic gel that moulds the teeth and gives it a shape. The second one is emplaced in boiling water. They can be reheated if the fit isn’t comfortable. They can be bought at any sporting good stores. They provide a better fit than stock mouth guards, they are bulky and do not provide the same protection as the custom fitted mouth guard.

  • Custom-Fitted Mouth Guard

Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards are the most expensive mouth guards than the other type of mouth guards. They provide the greatest degree of comfort, fit, and protection because they are made in a special manner. They are individually designed and are made in the professional laboratory. They are designed to cover all the teeth. Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards have hard outer layer and soft inner linings.

Replacement is necessary, especially for adolescents because their mouths abide to grow and teeth abide to develop into their adulthood. Mouth guards should perfectly be displaced after every season because they can break down after sometime, making them ineffective. Most of the athletes who play different sports have new mouth guards built when they go for their dental checkup.