Vehicle tracking devices in Dubai have become a popular usage among drivers these days. They help in ensuring the safety of drivers. In addition, they are high in demand in large business because it helps locate employees, ensure great communication between the boss and the worker, reduces cost and overall, increase the efficiency as well as the productivity of the business.

Random facts on vehicle tracking devices in Dubai are as follows:

  1. Principle: the main principle of these devices is derived from the Doppler’s effect. The various frequency aids in distinguishing the various locations.
  2. First purpose: initially, these devices were invented for military purposes. During wars, navigation was extremely important. Hence, the GPS was made!
  3. Fact: the first car to have a GPS system was in 1996.
  4. GPS inventor: Roger L Easton was credited for inventing the GPS.
  5. Active Satellites: there are nearly 31 active satellites around the earth. Hence, using the GPS has become a daily habit, whether it is in cars or mobiles.
  6. Recent invention: GPS shoes are also being launched in order to track down people with a mental illness.
  7. Car recovery is quicker: these devices have the potential to send signals and detect the location of a stolen or missing car. This will prevent further loss of any valuable objects that may be present in the car.
  8. Deactivating the ignition: having a GPS equipped in a car allows the owner to have complete control over their vehicle. So, they have the ability to deactivate the ignition from a distance to prevent thieves from stealing the car.
  9. Existence: the Navy had a thought of having navigation through satellites. Thus, the GPS came into existence.
  10. Kids safety: Even parents use a GPS on their teen’s vehicle in order to check for their safety. Though, it might show a lack of trust. But, the kid’s safety is not important than anything.
  11. Use of GPS: not only for locating, the GPS can be used to deduce the time. The GPS also has an atomic clock that sends signals to the satellite and thus, telling the time.

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