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Gi Sheet

Uses Of Gi Sheet In Dubai

Gi sheet or the galvanized iron sheets have reconstituted the modern metalworking industries. The term galvanized is used for the iron steel sheets which undergoes the process of refining, molding, and coating with zinc in order to protect them from corrosion or rusting which is caused due to exposure of metal with oxygen, water, and other metals. This process of applying rust-resistant zinc coating to the iron is said as galvanizing. When this zinc coating cools down it forms crystal like drops on the surface of iron giving the iron sheet a spotted look. Earlier, this procedure was done by hand dipping the iron into the zinc, but nowadays, modern technologies have hyped a lot and galvanized iron are electroplated. Most of the gi sheet suppliers in Sharjah are using the latest methods to make them long lasting.

There are two most common approaches of galvanizing the iron ore, the hot dipping method and the other one is electro-galvanizing. Hot dipping method is generally used for coating heavy weights, whereas, electro galvanizing is used for lighter coatings. Hot dipping process involves cleaning iron sheets with acid and then dipping them into hot melted zinc. While electro-galvanizing refers to the placing of molded iron articles into a solution of zinc sulphate and the zinc is then plated onto them by the aid of electricity. The gi sheet suppliers in Sharjah provides gi sheets to differents sectors for a variety of purposes.

Construction: Steel buildings are strong and lighter and relatively costs less than other materials. It is used extensively in making steel roofs, sidewalls, windows, partition walls and ducks, fake ceilings, rolling shutters, gutters, highway bumpers, panels, paint coated products and slotted angles etc.

Agriculture: It is widely used in making types of machinery like grain silos, sprayers, ghamellas, pans and feeding throughs etc.

Automobiles: The automobile industries also consume gi sheets largely for making the truck body, car, bus, railway coaches, airplanes, undercarriage work, air and oil filters, exhaust pipes and fuel tanks etc.

Electric Appliances: Electrical panels, air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, washing machine, computers and decorative lamps are the most common electric appliances that use iron sheets in their manufacturing.

Furniture: Lockers, desks, almirahs, lightweight beds, and chairs, racks, washtubs, and bathtubs etc.

Household things: Everyday items like ice boxes, tubs, buckets, storage bins, water tanks, trunks, bathroom doors, pipes and pipe fittings etc are too made with using gi sheets.

There are several other varieties of applications of gi sheets such as in making of sign boards, drums, containers, ducting and thermal cladding. Zayn Steels in Dubai are the leading and renowned steel industry that manufactures and supplies their high-quality products all over the world.

Reasons to use aluminium in building construction

Why aluminium?

After steel, most of the people choose aluminum as the main material for construction purposes whether a commercial building or a domestic dwelling. Because a major percentage of the annual aluminum production is used by construction industry, there are many aluminum companies in Dubai, one of them is Zayn steel that offers every kind of aluminum grade. it is used for a wide variety of  construction including windows, roofing, cladding, curtain walling, architectural hardware, H&V, shop fitting and partitions and many others. Although pure smelter aluminum has a relatively low strength, but when alloyed it becomes a material with improved strength for construction purpose.


Aluminium properties that makes it a building material of the modern age

In modern times, construction of buildings do not merely means erecting building that are functional. Aesthetic and design considerations along with ecological demands while constructing a building are also considered important. And this is why the materials used for construction of the building are given a major significance. Aluminum is widely considered as the building material of the modern times because of the following properties.

Aluminium & glass company in dubai

Aluminium & glass company in dubai

  •         Strength to weight ratio

The exceptional strength to weight ratio of aluminum is the primary reason for its appeal. It is around 66% lighter than steel and is also far less susceptible to bents and fractures than steel. The greater modulus of elasticity makes the strength to weight ratio of 1:2 easily obtainable. Compared to the steel sections, those of aluminum are thin and deep and hence are strong and rigid and also because this material is not affected by moisture and do not warp or rot, it is considered to make the windows and doors of the building.

  •         Low maintenance requirements

Although aluminum forms a protective oxide layer as soon as it is exposed to air and so has a natural built in durability, but it is still treated or coated with the process of anodization. This coating enhances the durability of aluminum and makes it more durable, withstanding the aggressive environmental elements. This process also allows aluminum products to accept coloring agents like organic dies, pigments, electrolytes or metallic. This is why aluminum is available in a wide range of colors and also require a low maintenance.

Zayn Steel happens to be a renowned and experienced trader and srockist of steel and aluminum products that deals with various big aluminum companies in Dubai and hence is counted as the best supplier of aluminum.