Because of the several useful characteristics and features of acrylic sheets, these have widely replaced glass. They are being used for creating marketing equipments, decoration pieces, lamps, medical devices and many others. This rising popularity has given rise to many acrylic sheet suppliers in Dubai.

Here we shall take a look at some of the properties acrylic sheets.

Acrylic sheet supplier in Dubai

  •         More flexible- the acrylic sheets are more flexible than glass and other materials of construction. These can operate in variable temperatures.
  •         Superior resistance- these sheets offer superior resistance to a variety of chemicals like benzene, ethers, esters, ethyl and methyl.
  •         Good insulator- these sheets offer a higher surface resistivity than other plastics. It is clearer than glass and does not turn yellow with time. You can get acrylic sheets in a variety of translucent and transparent colors.
  •         Offer superior light transmission- these sheets provides superior light transmission being crystal clear and is weather resistance. Because of that, these sheets retain their color and appearance on exposure to heat, cold, sun, and humidity.
  •         Offer strength and durability- these sheets are light in weight but have a solid structure and high functionality. Unlike glass, acrylic sheets remain unaffected by sunlight or artificial lights

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